BRIAN ARKKELIN - Co-Lead Geetar Dude

Brian started playing guitar at age 14 and was playing bars and nightclubs by
the age of 17. After years of playing in various cover bands that ranged in
style from metal to country, Brian started the gothic death metal band Raven
X and released the album “Essence Without Light” in 2013. On the Raven X
album, Brian wrote all of the music and performed all of the instruments as
well as handling all of the production. Recently, Brian was playing in a
acoustic duo performing guitar, piano and sharing vocal duties. Brian plays
Gibson, Ibanez and Godin guitars and uses Kemper amplification.
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VIC HARRIS – Lead Vox, Rhythm Geetar

Vic is the Lead Vocalist of the FREEBIRD and has been singin' and
playin' the guitar since he was 8. Over the years, Vic has played with
bunches of bands included SOUTHERN ROCK SUPERSTARS and
ARRIVAL-THE JOURNEY TRIBUTE. Vic also enjoys writin' music and
has done some recordin' down yonder in Nashville! Vic plays Fender
Stratocaster and Telecaster geetars thru Marshall Amps. Vic has
many interests, but music is his most favorite hobby!
MIKE KOBYLSKI - Drum Whacker Guy

What can we say about Mike. He is the drummer; which basically
means he is crazy as hell! Mike's been bangin' on the skins since
he's been able to crawl on all fours with his coon dog. Growin' up,
he was surrounded by the sounds of Southern and Classic Rock
and later was influenced by John Bonham, Artimus Pyle, Bill Ward,
Ted McKenna, and Alex Van Halen. Mike rocks DW Drums, DW5000
pedals, and Sabian cymbals. He bangs on them drums like a wild
monkey man, but thats why he's the bestest damn drum whacker
guy we ever had!
MIKE "DOC" ROCK – Co-Lead Geetar Dude

Doc has been playin' guitar since he was knee high to a grasshopper, when
his mom took him to see a KISS concert in 1978. Originally, from Youngstown,
Doc has played in several bands including CODO Led Zeppelin Tribute and
various blues acts appearin' with Muddy Waters bandmate, Steady Rollin Bob
Margolin. Doc played in the Youngstown State University Jazz Band. He gets
his Skynyrd tone from playin' Gibson and Fender guitars, and playin' thru
some old school Marshall amps!
DAVE TUDOR - Bass Geetar Dude

Starting his musical journey in Jr. High, Dave Tudor’s formal training
as a Musician and Bassist, includes a year of Music Theory and
Piano at the Cleveland Institute of Music. He’s always been “serious”
about his craft. He cut a mile-wide groove with his first group, Melody
Rice, an Earth, Wind and Fire “copy” band. Playing with several of
the top East-side bands during the 70’s and 80’s, Dave honed his
skills playing R&B, Disco, Jazz and Funk in Dance Clubs all over
Northeast Ohio. Broadening his repertoire with country bands like
Bottleneck, he then spent time with Cleveland area groups Check
Point, State Road and Wanted: a Bon Jovi Tribute Band, among
others. Dave’s technical knowledge, experience and skill levels are
all, off the charts.
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